Plastic Valves

PVDF Lined Ball Valve
Product Received Patent No. 208895

We have developed a Ball Valve that is chemically resistant to most of aggressive chemicals up to 120°C temp. and economical compared to solid PVDF Ball Valve and Teflon Lined metallic valves.

This valve has a solid PVDF body, solid PVDF Ball, PVDF coated ( Moulded ) SS-316 stem, only two flanged ends have inner liners ( moulded 3.75mm to 5.5mm thick ) of PVDF and on this liners, Polypropylene flanged ends are moulded. So all chemicals comes in contact with PVDF and Teflon Materials only.

Body to ends sealing & stem sealing 'O' Rings are of pure Teflon. To compress these Teflon 'O' Rings firmly, a steel ring insert of 5mm thick is moulded in flanged ends.

SS - 316 inserted stem, metal inserted handle and stopper ensures sturdiness and long service life.

We use virgin imported PVDF and Polypropylene materials of grades that are internationally popular, especially used for manufacturing of valves and fittings.

Size Range: 25 mm NB to 150 mm NB.

Drilling: As per all internationally accepted standards, such as BS, DIN, ASA 150 etc.

Hydrostatic Test: 10kg/ for Body and Seat.

No. Part Qty. Material
1 Body 1 PVDF
2 End Piece Liner 2 PVDF
3 End Piece Lugs 2 PVDF
4 End Piece 2 A. PP / PPH
5 Ball 1 PVDF
6 Stem 1 SS316 insert moulded with PVDF
7 Seat 2 PTFE
8 Body Seal O rings 2 PTFE
9 Stem Seal O rings 2 PTFE
10 Bearing 2 PTFE
11 Distance Piece 1 Iso. PP
12 Stud, Nut & Washer - SS316
13 Stem Nut 1 SS316
14 Nut Cap - Iso. PP
15 Handle 1 MS insert moulded with PP
16 Handle Cap 1 Iso. PP
17 Steel Ring 2 CS zinc plated inserted