Plastic Valves

Ball Check Valve
  • Free floating ball allows maximum flow through valve.
  • The only moving part is the ball, so maintenance is reduced / nil.
  • The solid polypropylene / PVDF ball seated on elastomer seatgives no chance for leakage.
  • Ball fully supported by guide ribs for full f low and minimum turbulence.
  • Available with various elastomer seats like Neoprene, Hyplon, EPDM, Viton for compatibility with different chemicals.
  • Tight shut-off achieved at a minimum of 1 Meter Water Column.
  • Available in screwed end connections also.
    • Size Range :15 mm NB to 150 mm NB.
    • Drilling :As per all internationally accepted standards, such as BS, DIN, ASA 150 etc.
    • Hydrostatic Test :At 10 kg/ for Body and Seat.
No. Part Qty. Material
1 Body 1 Iso. PP/ PPH/ PVDF/ A. PP/A. HD
2 End piece 2 Iso. PP/ PPH/ PVDF/ A. PP/A. HD
3 Ball 1 Iso. PP/ PPH/ PVDF/ A. PP/A. HD
4 Ball Guide Ring 1 Iso. PP/ PPH/ PVDF/ A. PP/A. HD
5 Body Seal O ring 2 EPDM/ NEOPRENE / PTFE / VITON
6 Ball Seal O ring 1 EPDM/ NEOPRENE / VITON
7 Stud, Nut & Washer - MS /SS304/ SS316
8 Nut Cap - Iso. PP